Lesante Classic

Within the idyllic surroundings of Zakynthos (or Zante as it is commonly known), amid nature’s vibrant green and the calming blue of the sky and the sea, lies The Lesante Classic Luxury Hotel & Spa. Privileged by its seaside location -perfectly situated in Tsivili village, the Lesante captures the island’s spirit and rhythm, welcoming you to your most precious stay yet. Here, with every step you take, a unique 5 star experience unfolds, designed to offer you comfort and relaxation with an essence of luxury. The extraordinary facilities that welcome you, from the elegantly decorated rooms, the impressive pools and the spa, to the impeccable service, ensure you are presented with the perfect environment that awaits its protagonists –you.

The location of The Lesante Classic Luxury Hotel & Spa is our first gift to you. Zante is one of the most spectacular of the Greek islands mostly due its impressive mix of light blue waters, the nature that surrounds you and the vibrant spirit that welcomes your every step. Zakynthos is not just about nature beauty. It is also a destination with a great historic heritage, with its glorious artistic past visible even today. The explorer of Zakynthos has the chance to discover impressive monuments of the past while strolling down the main streets of the town or while walking through traditional villages. The guests of the island usually begin their exploration by visiting the Shipwreck –the main attraction that Zakynthos is famous for. A sailing trip to see the Caretta-caretta turtles up close, an excursion to admire the architecture of the past at Roma mansion and take in the glorious history of Zante at Solomos museum, are all in the explorer’s agenda, after the daily must –swimming in one of island’s beaches!

Memorable holidays always get off to a perfect start –and in this case, your arrival at The Lesante Classic Luxury Hotel & Spa, Zante, will be nothing less than paradise. Hotels in Zante are known for offering quality services, inspired by internationally acclaimed hotels. At the Lesante hotel we are proud to offer even more. Perfectly situated in Tsivili village, a vibrant spot in Zante island, the Lesante hotel offers you moments of relacation combined with lots of social choices and activities. The 5 star services are defined by luxury and comfort in our rooms while the spa and all of our facilities are incomparable, because the Lesante hotel is one of the elite that truly accommodate your needs by creating custom made services. Arrange to enjoy the rejuvenating massage therapy of your choice. Explore unique Mediterranean tastes created by our chefs at our magnificent restaurants. Relax by the pool. Embrace your Mediterranean summer. The Lesante Classic Luxury Hotel & Spa is not just your choice of accommodation -it is a pool of experiences that you can indulge in. Dive into luxury today. After all, it is your holidays.

Address: Tsilivi, Zakynthos

Phone: (+30) 26950 413-30

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