Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
New eclectic style hotel in Halkidiki
Portes Lithos Luxury Resort

Via Via Hotel

VIA VIA hotel is in the wonderful medieval town in Rhodes, close to the commercial harbor and the new town. 

The view from the balconies and our new Roof Garden will fascinate you! The whole Old Town with the magnificent walls surrounding is imposing and the Knights’ Castle extend in front of you and the view can only be seen in historical films.

Lots of narrow roads around the hotel lead you to unimaginable places in the Old Town, that are there for you to discover! If you think there is no romance any more, be prepared to rediscover it in the Old Town. 

Ideal to meet and know the nightlife of rhodes. Via-Via Hotel is just 2 minutes walk from the most popular bars and nightclubs of Rhodes

Address: 45 Pithagora St., Old town Rhodes

Phone: (+30)22413 015-49