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Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel

Marnei Mare Estate

Occupying the tranquil and secluded lush peninsula from where its name derives, Marnei Mare’s cluster of three beautiful private villas and a reception cottage are set in a 40.000 sq.m. of orchards that unfold from a lush pine forest down to the crystal-clear Aegean Sea.

Marnei Mare offers a soothingly indulgent getaway. Our greatest priority is to offer you true regeneration and pleasure, as we seamlessly combine discreet luxury and top-quality personalized service, all in a stunning natural setting.

With 10 rooms that are spread throughout 3 villas, Marnei Mare has an ambiance that is both exclusively private and pleasantly social at once. It is the perfect destination for any kind of sojourn – from a laid-back, fun and relaxing family holiday to a focused corporate trip; from a spectacular romantic celebration to remember to an adventure trip.

Address: Karlovasi, Samos, Aegean islands

Phone: (+30)6945 581-723