"To those who think that Greece today is of no importance let me say that no greater error could be committed. Today as of old Greece is of the utmost importance to every man who is seeking to find himself...Economically it may seem unimportant, but spiritually Greece is still the mother of nations, the fountain-head of wisdom and inspiration."

Henry Miller, "Colossus of Maroussi"

It has been said many times that to go to Greece is to go home. In our collective memories as Westerners, the role of Greece as the founding nation of our culture will never diminish. The uniqueness of her achievements during the Golden Age only grow more impressive as time passes. Greece is one of those rare small countries that have influenced the world all out of proportion to her size.

What was it about this small, rocky peninsula and its islands situated at the crossroads between East and West which contributed to the greatest chronologically concentrated outpouring of the creative arts, culture, medicine, science and political genius in world history? Why were the Greeks so unique? And why was their language used to convey the theology of the world's largest religion to the rest of the world? Why are its people so restlessly inventive, so open to experience, so ready to embrace life with the world-famous gusto of a people who are alive, awake, and always ready for something new?

You can come and see for yourself. You can relax to the sound of water lapping on the shore as you sunbathe on one of Greece's islands. You can visit her world class museums and ancient structures and see for yourself the accomplishments of this storied, ancient race.

You can wander the narrow streets of the Plaka at the base of the Acropolis, and sit in the shade of climbing grape vines and violently magenta bougainvillea blossoms, while the china blue sky arches overhead, washing this land in its famous light. You can partake of its famously healthy diet of Greek salads, yogurt, and grilled fresh fish.

You can dive into the crystal clear, aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean, the Aegean, or the Ionian Sea, all of which border this peninsular land. You can relax on the beach, cold drink in hand and taste the sea of the breeze blowing in over the water.

You can come home to Greece. There will never be a better time. It's a travel experience that is both unforgettable and affordable.

Interactive map of Greece

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On the interactive map you can create a tailor-made map of your own, noting places of interest you have already visited, or where you hope to visit. You can plan routes, note routes taken, and add commentary and feedback about your experiences.