Thermal springs

Thermion, Drama Thermion, Drama

The source is located 25 km north of the city Paranesti, at an altitude of 620 meters

Thermopilon Thermopilon

According to Greek mythology, Hephaestus was here, at the request of the goddess Athena and created the medicinal springs for Hercules

Thermon Limnou Thermon Limnou

Existing since the days of the Ottoman Empire, more recently they have been fully restored

Kavasilon - Piksaria Kavasilon - Piksaria

This health resort known for its healing properties, especially helping to fractures

Kaifa Kaifa

Zakharo - a magnificent city on the southwest coast of Elia, located on the shores of the Ionian Sea

Kallidromou Kallidromou

These natural hot springs, a rich set of elements used for therapeutic purposes, form a pool

Kallitheas Rhodou Kallitheas Rhodou
(+30)22410 370-90

The sanatorium is located in a truly paradise island, in the long and narrow bay with crystal clear water

Kamenon Vourlon Kamenon Vourlon

Thermal springs Kamenon Vourlon are listed in the rarest in the world due to its wealth of natural minerals

Kokkinou Nerou Kokkinou Nerou

Source of the Red Water is near the village of Karitsa 60 km from the Larissa

Sidirokastrou Sidirokastrou

The thermal baths are located 7 km from the city Sidirokastro and have stunning panoramic views

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