Thermal springs

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Kokkinou Nerou Kokkinou Nerou

Source of the Red Water is near the village of Karitsa 60 km from the Larissa

Sidirokastrou Sidirokastrou

The thermal baths are located 7 km from the city Sidirokastro and have stunning panoramic views

Smokovou Smokovou

In 1662, monks Moskhos анд Frankos Stravoenoglu, according to tradition, the rulers of Smokhovitov, seized the territory and founded baths

Soulanda Soulanda

Thermal springs are located on the border settlements and Vafilakku Aidonohori, 40 km from the city of Karditsa

Sourotis Sourotis

Inexhaustible source of mineral water Surotis known since ancient times

Traianoupoli Traianoupoli

Traianupoli built in the early second century AD by Emperor Traianom, near the main road «Ignatius»

Ipatis Ipatis

Thermal water from this source appeared on the surface of the earth by a powerful earthquake 427 BC

Nigritas Nigritas

Hot springs Therma Nigrita famous for its mineral waters

Ksenou Nerou Ksenou Nerou

This region is famous for its mineral water

Platistomou Platistomou

Thermal springs Platistoma located in 35 km from Lamia and 5 km from Makrakomi on the hill Orfris

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