Thermal springs

The Baths of beautiful Helen The Baths of beautiful Helen

Name «Baths of beautiful Helen» the resort took from hot spring, called «Bath of Helena»

Ayiasos Ayiasos

The name of the source was in honor of the icon of the Virgin and Child, the work of Luke the Evangelist

Saint Barbara Saint Barbara

Source of St. Barbara is located 50 km from Agrinio, between the mountains and the bay Akarnanika Amvrakikos, on the border of the municipality Medeon

St. Nicholas, St. Paraskevi St. Nicholas, St. Paraskevi

Diseases aporno motor system, bones, joints, muscles, rheumatoid arthritis

Agistri Agistri

Eight hot springs, traditional hotel, a new rehabilitation center

Agrapidion-Limnohoriou Agrapidion-Limnohoriou

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, digestive system

Adamandos Adamandos

Chronic rheumatism, arthritis, gynecological disorders, neuralgia, neuritis

Aidipsos Aidipsos

These sources are known since the days of Aristotle. People started to use them in 3 century BC

Amarandos Amarandos

In the area is limestone rock, inside which comes to the surface warm steam

Ammoudaras Ammoudaras

The area in which the sources are located cause the historical and archaeological interest

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