Thermal springs

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Polihnitou Polihnitou

Hot Springs Polihnitos located 1.5 km from the eponymous town in the southwestern part of the island

Preveza Preveza

Springs of Preveza are located within the city of Preveza near the bay Amvrakikos

Kolpou Geras Kolpou Geras

On the east coast of the Gulf of Geras, 6.5 km west of Mytilini, is a hot spring "Terma"

Kremaston Valtou Kremaston Valtou

«Hanging Bath» also known as the «Balcony» is a mountain oasis in the swamp

Krinidon Krinidon

Surprising properties of the local mud have been known at least since the end of the last century

Kithnos Kithnos

Village Loutra got its name from the hot springs located in the neighborhood

Langada Langada

Thermal springs Lagada - the first in Greece, Spa-therapy services, organized as early as 900 AD medical officer of Byzantium by Justinian

Loutrakiou Loutrakiou

The world-famous Spa-resort, therapy center and tourist destination

Mantrakiou Mantrakiou

Sources themselves are only 1500 meters from the island's capital, Mandraki

Methanon Methanon

Volcanic landscape in harmony with the crystal clear waters of the Saronic Gulf

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