Fam Trip to Russia for Greek Mouzenidis Group Tour Operators

St. Basil's Cathedral

With the goal of achieving a better understanding of tourism possibilities in Russia, the Mouzenidis Group recently organized a familiarization trip (Fam Trip) to Moscow and St. Petersburg for 20 tour operators from northern Greece.

The trip program was packed, as the two Russian towns cities are quite rich in cultural and religious treasures, gorgeous parks, imposing buildings and world-class museums.

In St. Petersburg, the travel agents had the opportunity to visit, among other sites, the Cathedral of Our Lady Kazanskagia, the Fortress and Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the Church of Christ's Resurrection, the famous Hermitage Museum, with its countless treasures. They also cruised the city's canals and rivers.

In Moscow they visited Maneznagia Square, Alexander Gardens, the Kremlin, the Square of the Temples, the Kremlin Museum, and the Palace Arms Museum of the Kremlin and its treasury, which includes, among other exhibits, the priceless Imperial Faberge Egg.

A highlight of the trip was the concert of choral music which the tour professionals attended at the Moscow's Glazunov gallery.

For transportation they used the Moscow Metro, considered one of the best in the world.

The tour operators traveled to Russia via Ellinair, the Mouzenides-based airline.