Mouzenidis Group Sponsors Treasure Hunt-Style Fam Trip

Fam Trip

A more adventurous approach to the presentation of new tourist packages for Greece was presented by the Mouzenidis Group to foreign tour operators in a Fam Trip to the Pieria (Mt. Olympus) region of northern Greece.

Executives of 50 tourist companies from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, which have an exclusive partnership with the Mouzenidis Group for their tourist packages in Greece, participated in the five-day Fam Trip, which was hosted at the Cronwell Platamon Resort, Pieria, northern Greece. The focus if trip was new tourist destinations, with tour packages to be offered for the winter and summer seasons, 2017.

The Greek adventure for the tour pros began with their de-planing, where the Muozenidis Group's Ellinair flight attendants distributed a preliminary information packet including a treasure hunt using puzzles and riddles from Greek history and geography.

At the hotel they were greeted by the "son" of the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones, who gave them some ground rules. The agents were divided into 3 groups and began the treasure hunt, participating in various games, testing both their athletic ability and knowledge, through which they learned of the brand new destinations and packages presented by the Mouzenides Group. This phase culminated in the discovery of two precious boxes, from which they had to choose the right one. These tests included missions both on the hotel premises, as well as at selected destinations like Kastoria, where they visited fur companies and became fashion models and critics in a role-playing game. At Old Panteleimonas they enjoyed an authentic Greek breakfast, and moved on to Mt. Olympus, where they were tested on their knowledge of Greek mythology.

The trip also included an informative forum where Greek and foreign speakers briefed the participants how to properly promote each destination and award the most successful executives in sales. On the last day, the Cronwell Platamon Resort organized a farewell Gala, where tour operators have promised to convey to their customers their own excitement from the experience of their Greek adventure.

This special Fam Trip was organized by the Active Mice, which is the Mouzenidis Group company involved in the organization of conferences, events, and corporate travel. It recently won the award in the category 'Best tour operator incentive abroad' in the Russian Business Travel & MICE Award 2016.