Conference Tourism in Greece Sees Increase

Dimitris Trifonopoulos

The International Congress and Convention Association says that there has been an increase (+5%) in the conference event rate for 2016. Mr. Dimitris Trifonopoulos, General Secretary of the Greek Tourism Association, presented a number of interesting facts at the General Assembly of the Thessaloniki Convention Bureau, viz, Greece is ranked #13 in Europe as a conference destination, and expected to reach a worldwide ranking of #16 in coming years. Mr. Trifonopoulos cited the following advantages Greece has as a conference destination:

- Greece's mild climate, with 300+ days of sunshine a year and warm winter time temperatures in the south.

- The variety of topography to be found in Greece, from Crete in the south to Alexandroupoli in the north.

- The 6000-plus islands and 15,000 km of coastline which lend themselves to boating, cruising, and beaches.

- The hundreds of Blue Flag beaches and resorts creating ideal conditions for combing work and leisure.

In particular, the leisure aspects of holding a conference in Greece provide a myriad of choices, including world-class cultural, archeological, religious and historical sites, and Greece's famous Mediterranean cuisine.

During the last decade much of Greece's tourism infrastructure has been reinforced with quality services, such as luxury hotels, first-class conference centers in Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Patras and Athens, shopping malls, health spas, sports facilities, ports, and restaurants.