GRECKA PANORAMA: Major Greek Tourism Exhibition in Poland


On December 3-4 in Warsaw' National Stadium, the large tourist exhibition "GRECKA PANORAMA" will take place. Its goals are to present the best, highest level of tourist services, accomodations, destinations, and alternative tourism choices that Greece has to offer.

Simultaneously, in the same location, there with be the inaugural GREEK FOOD SHOW, which will showcase exclusively Greek food products. Its emphasis will be the rich culinary tradition of Greece, which has been developed over thousands of years and has produced the Mediterranean diet, the envy of the world for its palate-pleasing dishes and extraordinary health benefits. There will be culinary demonstrations, tastings, and the sale of products at prices offered only during the time of the exhibition.

Supporters of this event include the Mouzenidis Group, via Mouzenidis Travel, and Ellinair., the electronic tourist portal of the Mouzenidis Group, will be the media sponsor.

What: GRECKA PANORAMA tourist exhibition
Where: National Stadium PGE NARODOWY, Warsaw, Poland
When: December 3-4 2016