Ellinair Brings the Relics of Saint Helen to Greece

Saint Helen's remains

It's a historic event to all of Christendom as the transport of the sacred relics of Saint Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, and part of the True Cross, will leave Italy for the first time since the Crusades.

It is the utmost honor and blessing for Ellinair, airline subsidiary of the Mouzenedis Group, which will participate in the transfer of the relics on a special flight from Italy.

Taking the initiative is the Apostolic Ministry of the Church of Greece, which secured approval from the Vatican for the temporary visit. The invitation to Ellinair to bring the relics to Greece was immediately accepted by Mr. Boris Mouzenids, president of the Mouzenidis Group.

The spiritual legacy bequeathed to the world by the protector of Christians Saint Helena with her son Emperor Constantine the Great and the role of these two brilliant personalities in shaping European history itself is of tremendous importance as related to:

  • Definitive cessation of the persecution of Christians with the Edict of Milan in 313.
  • Finding of the True Cross in the Holy Land
  • The transfer of the imperial capital from Rome to Constantinople
  • The convening of the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325 AD which condemned Arianism.
  • This is why the Church has proclaimed the "Holy and Equal to the Apostles."

The official reception will be held on May 14, in front of the City Hall of Egaleo by His Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Jerome. The holy relics of St. Helen and the Holy Cross will remain for a pilgrimage to the Church of Saint Barbara (Municipality of Ag. Varvara Attica) from 14 May to and June 15, 2017.

Over the coming months, the Mouzenidis Group will return at a later date, and details for this unique event, which will have the opportunity to become all partakers, for the first time in 1700 years.