Russian Language Seminar Concludes in Corfu

КорфуA prime vehicle for uniting peoples from different countries are shared cultural events. This truth was once more borne out with the conclusion of seminars on the Russian language which ran for 3 months in Corfu under the sponsorship of the Mouzenides Group, and the cooperation of the City of Corfu and Russian World, a center for Russian language studies.

The present and increasing flow of Russian tourists to Corfu necessitates some knowledge of Russian, and of Russian cultural norms, especially for tourism professionals. The positive response of participating Corfiotes to the seminars led to its great success, which was capped with a celebration at their conclusion, with attendees including Corfu mayor Mr. Nikolouzou, Mouzenidis Group spokesman Mr. Paraskevopoulos, and the actual participants of the seminars, who provided a program containing music and theatrical excerpts from Russian literature, and music. Mr. Paraskevopoulos, speaking on behalf of the Mouzenidis Group, assured all present that the travel corporation would continue to support the annual seminars.