A Million Russian Tourists Expected in Greece This Year

Олег СафоновThere has been a great deal of discussion about the large number of Russian tourists who plan to come to Greece this year. The expected total comes from a reliable source: Russian Federal Tourism Agency head Oleg Safonov. Speaking at the Hellenic-Russian Tourism Forum at the Grand Resort Lagonissi outside of Athens, Mr. Safonov said he expects the total visitors to Greece from Russia to reach one million this year.

Greece has already predominated airline reservations in the Russian market for May, and indications point to a rebound of Russian visitors in 2016 after a slight decline in 2014-15. Mr. Safonov did not neglect to cite the strong religious and historical ties the two nations have, nor the real love Russians have for the sun, sea and sand of Greece, but also said that Russians' options for travel can lead them to other destinations.

Mr. Safonov also referred to the 2016 Greko-Russian Year of Friendship, during which more than 50 events in both countries have so far been planned.