International Museum Day May 18th

Acropolis MuseumEvery year since 1977 International Museum Day has been celebrated on May 18th. This year's celebration takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, May 18th. It's a day to raise the awareness of the place of museums in a society, and to celebrate their function as educational institutions, mediums of cultural exchange, and contributors to mutual understanding, cooperation, and peace between peoples.

Free admission on this day provide motivation for visitors to museums, many of which will offer cultural events, lectures, conferences, guided tours and musical performances. This year's theme will be "Museums and Cultural Landscapes." Special honor this year goes to the National Archeological Museum of Athens, which celebrates in 2016 150 of existence and will be the featured museum event of the day in a celebrations starting at 7 PM.

International Museum Day is a unique opportunity to experience the cultural richness of your region and beyond. Pick the museums that interest you and admire their rare artifacts and unique collections.