Veria's Riv3r Returns for Bike, Cycling and Mountain Marathon Aficionados

Riv3rSupported by the Veria Motorcycle Club and under the auspices of Sports club MOTE, the Riv3r marathon will be held on the 4th-5th of June in Veria. The race will begin in the beautiful and historic old Jewish quarter Barbouta, through which the Tripotamos river flows.

The motocross course will describe a circuit, with the route repeated 3 times and ending where it started. The course will be closed to the public by ropes at most cross-streets. There'll be time control points, but no special viewing stand. The different sections of the course will be tied together by specially designed bridges at the river and its tributaries. Parts of the route will cover areas that haven't been used before in the race.

Spectators will be allowed close access to the exitement at many points, promising a unique experience to visitors. There will be leaflets at the starting point, with maps and instructions for easiest access to various viewing points, which should satisfy even the most demanding visitors.