Closing Ceremony of the 6th Russian Language Learning Cycle

Russian Language Learning CycleThe "graduation ceremony" of the 4-month, 70-hour Russian language learning cycle took place on Sunday, May 15th, at the Thessaloniki City Hall, where the course was held. The ongoing program is organized by the City of Thessaloniki's Department of Programs and Lifelong Learning Directorate for Education and Sports, under the sponsorship of the Mouzenides Group. Students and teachers met for a warm reception and ceremony marking the completion of the program. Teachers were part of the Russian Language and Culture Center, "Russian Word," which runs the programs.

The hall became a genial melding of Russian and Greek culture, featuring theatrical skits, songs, Russian literary references, and Russian and Greek folk dances. In attendance were teachers, organizers, and students. Remarks were delivered by Mr. Anastasios Telidis, Executive Director for Education Actions of Thessaloniki, Mouzenides Group representative Vladis Paraskevopoulos, and Western Macedonia professor Ms. Katerina Papou, who represented the teachers.

The program has been running for 3 years, and has been a roaring success. Demand for Russian language skills among Greeks in the tourism industry has increased mainly due to the large and growing numbers of Russian tourists visiting Greece. To help answer this need, Mouzenidis Group-sponsored Russian language programs , with the technical support of Russian Word and the cooperation of local municipalities, have been held in Corfu, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Heraklion and Rethymnon.

Students, who expected to gain only a basic knowledge of Russian, were pleasantly surprised with how deeply into the language they got, as they learned grammar, vocabulary, and key details about the Russian culture. Students presented Mouzenides Group representative Mr. Vladis Paraskevopoulos with a painting symbolizing the friendship between the two nations and thanking the company for their initiative and support of the language learning program. All involved expressed their desire to see the program continue in the future.