Greko-Russian Conference on Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism

Vatopedi Monastery. AthosThe Conference Greece and Russia for the Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism is taking place today, May 20th, at the Grand Resort in Lagonisi south of Athens. The Conference was organized for this year, seeing this is the declared year of Greko-Russian Friendship. The conference follows a decision of the Deputy Tourism Minister Elena Kountouras and Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia Alas Manilova.

The conference's stated goal is the increase of flow of tourists between Greece and Russia, the development of thematic tourism products, and the general improvement of cooperative tourism between the two countries.

Conference participants include leading Greek Ministers and head of Tourism, Russian Culture of Regions, representatives of the Church of Greece, Crete, the Dodecanese, the Holy Supervision of Mount Athos, the Patriarchate of Moscow, and representatives of travel agencies specializing in Pilgrimage tourism.