Ammouliani Featured in the London Times

AmmoulianiA long profile of the island of Ammouliani, off the coast of Athos peninsula in Halkidiki, ran in the recent Sunday Times insert. In what amounts to an ode to the island, the author wonders why Ammouliani has remained an undiscovered destination. He praised the food, the hospitality, and the leisurely pace of life of the locals.

The article came from a press trip organized last year by Halkidiki's Tourism Organization (TO), particularly for British travel writer James Ellis. The Tourist Organization of Halkidiki continues in its efforts to promote one of the most beautiful regions of Greece in the following ways:

  1. There are two more FAM (familiarization) trips on tap for 2016. One trip involved British Airways Destination Manager Kate Biffer and 7 representatives of BA Holidays coming to Halkidiki on May 6-9 to see various sites, such as the Petralona Cave, the new Folklore Museum at Nikiti, the islands of the Gulf of Agio Oros off Vouvourou, and the scenic traditional village of Afytos. 
  2. There is the participation of the Halkidiki TO in an event organized by the UK TO Olympic Holidays of Birmingham on May 13th (which was followed by 70 travel agencies).
  3. There is its invitation to the BIT Fair of Milan (BIT: Borsa Internazionale del Turismo).
  4. The FAM trip of the Group Alpitour (one of the biggest TOs of Italy). In this context, the hoteliers had the opportunity to talk to the Italian market with the Area Manager of Alpitour for Greece, Elisa Mana and learn about the future plans of the company in Halkidiki
  5. Finally, the Tourist Organization, in its continuing efforts to promote cultural tourism in the Italian market, participated in an event held in the City Hall of Biassono on Aristotle. The meeting was addressed to university professors from Milan and Lombardy. the ideas of the great philosopher Aristotle were presented.