First Annual Olive and Delicacies Exhibition

First Annual Olive and Delicacies Exhibition

With select exhibitors and producers from all over Greece, and large crowds of visitors, the First Annual Gourmet Olive and Delicacies Exhibition which was held  on Sunday, May 22nd, was rated a great success. The exhibition, held at Labattoir, the renovated Thessaloniki dockside slaughter house, was dedicated to one of Greece's finest and oldest cultivated products, the olive and its derivatives.

Consumers, cultivators, and industry professionals from every corner of Greece met at Labbattoir to take advantage of the opportunity to display and sample olive oils of the highest quality and olive oil- based products. Visitors became connoisseurs for a day, met producers, and attended lectures by Greek experts in the industry.

As part of the fair, a conference organized by Maya Tsokli was greeted by a message from Mayor Yiannis Boutaris, who expressed his happiness that such an exhibition was taking place under the auspices of the city. "Oil, wine and bread are the foundation of the modern Greek diet," the scion of a great Greek winemaking family said, observing that oil tasting is trickier and more difficult than wine tasting. He encouraged people involved in the olive industry to work together in harmony as winemakers do, "which increases the size of the cake and prevents one person from eating another's share."

Deputy Mayor of International Relations and Tourism Spiros Pegas characterized the fair as an ongoing effort by the city to promote its culinary identity.

Of particular interest to visitors were olive oil-based cooking demonstrations by famous chefs such as Andrew Lagos, Kiki Emmanouilidou  and Vasilis Kallidis. Mina Apostolidis and Salonika's own Theodore Valofiourgis showed how olive oil and chocolate can be combined in a complementary way.

Awards were given out on Sunday, including  Best Olive Oil, Best Delicatessen Product, Best Packaging, and Best Innovation at a special ceremony presided by Public Relations representative Alexandra Anthidou, who also delivered warm closing remarks congratulation all participants on a highly successful venture.

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