Vladimir Putin in Greece: Everything He said Concerning Tourism

Vladimir Putin & Alexis TsiprasDuring Mr. Putin's recent trip to Greece, of particular interest were his remarks with regard to tourism, in a joint press conference with the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras.

«Many Russians are bound for Greece, which is now the leader in bookings for the Russians. One million Russians are expected in Greece. If we can rapidly resolve our current visa issues with the EU, we can expect to triple that number», said the President of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Putin had impressive statistics for overseas tourism from Russia, which he claims increased 523% in March. This is even taking into account the travel restrictions of Russians to Turkey and Egypt.

Mr. Putin thanked Greece for the honored status given to Russia during the upcoming International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, declaring that Russia will actively participate in this important event.

Vladimir Putin concluded his report on tourism by saying that «there is an ongoing program of cooperation between Russia and Greece in the tourism sector running until at least 2018, which will contribute to achieving our stated objectives resulting in mutual benefits to both countries».