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New Destinations For Ellinair

EllinairEllinair, the airline arm of the Mouzenidis Group, has announced the re-opening of its twice-weekly Athens-Thessaloniki flights starting Friday, June 17th. An Airbus A319 will be making these flights on Fridays and Sundays. In addition, regular flights on the ongoing Thessaloniki-Heraklion route will increase from 3 times a week to 4 times (Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun) as of Monday, June 13th.

In addition, Santorini will once more be linked with Athens and Thessaloniki with the resumption of Thessaloniki-Santorini flights 4 times weekly (Mon-Thu-Fri-Sun) and Athens Santorini 3 times a week (Mon-Wed-Fri). The Monday and Wednesday flights will feature the Boeing 737.

Also, beginning Sunday, June 26th, twice weekly (Thurs-Sun) flights from Thessaloniki-Rhodes on the Airbus A319 will begin. Ellinair also is opening a twice weekly (Thurs-Sun) route from Thessaloniki-Kythera beginning Thursday, July 7th with the 100-seater Avro RJ85.

All passengers on Ellinair flights have the right to board with a carry-on up to 8 kilos in weight, in addition to one piece of luggage up to 20 kilos with no extra charge, depending on the type of aircraft.