Events for the World Environment Day

Events for the World Environment DayThe Municipality of Thessaloniki will celebrate t World Environment Day (June 5) with a series of events about the protection and promotion of the natural urban and sea environment. The events are entitled «Environment Days».

The program includes the following activities:

  • «Touring the Thermaikos»  will include a photograph exhibition from archive material, the showing of films about the gulf of Thermi, workshops, games and constructions for children and adults. There will also be digital educational games, telescopes available for viewing the Gulf,  free samples of local seafood, and free boat tours in of the Thermaikos.

  • Working together to present the program will be the Goulandris Natural History Museum /Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre, and the Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas Management Authority. The activities will take place in the Glass Pavilion of the Garden of Seasons on the New Seafront Promenade, with the participation of various agencies, such as the Children’s Museum of Thessaloniki and the Chef’s Club of Northern Greece.

  • «Olympian Zeus» and the Institute of Digital Learning and Communication I-NOUS. The photographs of the exhibition are offered by the digital archive of the History Center of Thessaloniki. The visual artist Zoe Tsakiridou will participate in the workshops with her art work.

  • «Recycling and Imagination» - For the third consecutive year an exhibition with works from recycled materials will be organized in the Glass Pavilion of the Mediterranean Garden, in cooperation with the visual artist Giorgos Kosmidis and the Art Associaion «Morphogenesis». Elected workshops for the creation of useful and decorative objects of various materials will be carried out, in which students of the Visual and Applied Arts of the 5th Municipal Community will participate.

  • «Voluntary Cleanup of the Kellarios Bay Coast», on June 8, under the European Campaign of Coast Cleaning, in cooperation with HELMEPA (Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association) and the Bureau of Environmental Education of the Directorate of Primary Education of Eastern Thessaloniki, pupils from three elementary schools, nos. 12, 87, and 89, will participate.

Entrance to all activities is free to the public, however participation in the guided tours of the Thermaic Gulf requires registration with the Department of Environmental Actions of the Municipality of Thessaloniki either by phone (tel. 2313 318358) or by email to: