Greek Islands Tops List of Favored Destinations for Solo Travelers

Greek IslandsSOLITAIR Hols, a UK-based travel agency geared towards single vacationers, recently conducted a survey which asked potential single travelers their preferred global destination. The Greek Islands place first. The top 10 destinations were:

1 - The Greek islands

2 - Turkey

3 - Italy

4 - Spain

5 - The Mediterranean

6 - The Canary Islands

7 - Cyprus

8 - Cuba

9 - Egypt

10 - India

The overwhelming majority of solo travelers - 84% - are between the ages of 51 and 70; whereas only 4% of solo travelers are under the age of 30. Surprisingly, 78% of those who responded to the survey were women, while only 28% were men.  

Reasons for traveling alone included: people looking for new acquaintances (ranking as the number one reason at 76%), people seeking the surprises and adventure solo travel has to offer (60%), people who have a personal or work related reason (19%), and, married individuals whose spouses declined to travel with them (2.5%).