Favorite Greek Summer Destination

GreeceWebsite Trivago.gr has posted the result of a recent survey on the most popular summer, 2016 Greek destinations for tourists.

Santorini is the favorite destination for Italian, English and German tourists for this summer. Next is Corfu, which this year is the choice of Italians, British tourists, and Poles. In third place is Crete, which is first preference for Germans, but also among the top preferences for Italians and British tourists. Mykonos is fourth, a favorite of with of Italians, followed by British and German tourists.

A similar interest from visitors from these 3 nations was indicated for Zakynthos, Skiathos and Kos. In eighth place is Kefalonia, a particular favorite of the English, the Italians, and the Serbs. The penultimate position of the top ten preferences is Thassos, a gem of the North Aegean, preferred by Romanians, Serbs and Germans. Finally, in tenth place is Paros, which will be visited this year by Italians, French and English.

Italians indicated the highest preference for Greece this year, followed by the British, Germans, Serbs, Swedes and French. Danes, Poles, Austrians and Russians are the four nationalities completing the top ten incoming people for this summer.