Chios Chewing Gum Museum Opens

Chios Chewing Gum Museum OpensThe island of Chios is famous for its «mastixa», a form of natural chewing gum harvested from the resin of the mastic tree (pistacia lentiscus) on the island. It is the only place in the Mediterranean that this tree grows. Mastixa has been documented to be beneficial to digestion and an aid in alleviating heartburn and stomach pain, among other benefits. It is known elsewhere as Yemen gum or Arabic gum. We get the word «masticate» from «mastixa».

The president of the Greek Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos, was on hand to dedicate the new Mastic Museum on Chios on June 11th. The museum is in the south of Chios. Mastixa has been part and parcel of the Chian economy for centuries, and is recognized by UNESCO as an «intangible» cultural heritage product.

The museum chronicles the use and production of the resin, which was declared in 2015 as a natural medicine. Health benefits are explained, as well as the history of the tree’s cultivation on Chios and how it has affected the island’s economy

The museum in Pirgi, southern Chios, and can be reached at tel. (+30) 22710 72212