Rhodes Forever

Rhodes ForeverRhodes is such an attractive destination that it has thousands of return visitors who come year after year, up to, in one case, an amazing 65 times.

Rhodes Mayor Mr. Fotis Hatzidiakos gave a special “Repeaters” award on Wednesday, June 15 to several couples.

Honors were given to Alfred and Gisela Reithofer from Salzburg, Austria, the couple who have visited sixty-five times. They have bought a place in Faliraki which gives the retired couple the opportunity in the future to visit Rhodes even more often. They have a great love for the island and everything about it.

Distinctions were also awarded to Joe and Jannette Smeets from Holland who this year visited Rhodes for thirty-sixth time. Said Mrs. Smeets, “The first time I visited Rhodes was in 1980. I was seventeen years old and was thrilled by the island from the first moment. She made particular mention of Rhodian hospitality and emphasized that she and her husband have many friends on the island.

An honorable mention was awarded to Bob and Janny Czeyt-Lens from Holland who this year are in Rhodes for a second time. The couple are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of their Rhodes wedding.

Another honorable mention was awarded to Ernst and Alexandra Vollmer who this year visited Rhodes for the nineteenth time. Their first visit was in 2004 and since then they have visited the island every year, sometimes twice a year.