Greek International Rail Services Resume

The Thessaloniki- Skopia- Belgrade and Thessaloniki - Sofia – Bucharest train service will resume beginning June 19th after a years-long interruption. There will also be a new service to  Bucharest via Sofia.

International passenger services will start for Skopje and Belgrade daily from June 19th, while the routes for Sofia and Bucharest will be only on Sundays also from June 19th.

The resumption of the route is a continuation of a long tradition of railway transport in the Balkans and Central Europe, raising the profile of Thessaloniki as a rail hub, with trains leaving for Skopje and Belgrade (daily), Sofia (daily ) and Bucharest each Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer.

Ticket prices for the services are competitive and multiple discounts apply. All Eurail and Interrail discounts are valid.