Seven Ancient Shipwrecks Found On Delos


Important discoveries were made during underwater research and inspections of underwater antiquities in cooperation with the National Foundation for Research on the island of Delos from May 25 to June 15, 2016.

On-site searches, 35 meters to the north-west of the bay Skardana, found a shipwreck, dating from the end of the Hellenistic era. In addition, underwater components of buildings thought to belong to port facilities have been found.

Also, during the research mission, seven ancient shipwrecks of merchant ships were found in the strait between Delos and Rinia, five of which belong to the late Hellenistic period, and one more to the Roman period.

These findings suggest that in Delos’s development increased rapidly after 167 BC, when the Romans turned it into a trading base, connecting the eastern and western Mediterranean. The channel between Delos and Riniey was one of the main waterways.