Premiere of “Seven Against Thebes” at the National Theatre of Northern Greece.

“Seven Against Thebes”

July 6th saw a special evening for summer theatrical events in Thessaloniki.

Audience members of the packed-out Forest Theatre of Thessaloniki saw the talented members of the National Theatre of Northern Greece perform the premiere of "Seven Against Thebes," directed by the renowned Lithuanian director Tsezaris Gkraouzinis, with John Stankoglou in the role of Eteocles.

The Mouzenidis Group underwrites the NTNG through Ellinair, its air company, which is the carrier of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. At the premiere were the Group's Marketing and Communication Director Ms. Teresa Konsola and Marketing Manager of Ellinair Mr. Chris Nasiadis.

The tragedy of Aeschylus will be presented at the Ancient Theatre of Philippi on July 15 and 16 and at the Epidaurus Ancient Theatre on July 22 and 23. These performances will be followed by a tour across Greece.