Relics of St. Silouan Seen Off to Belarus by Mr. Mouzenidis

St. Silouan the Athonite

Saturday, August 20th saw the reception and sending off to Minsk, Belarus, of the relics of St. Silouan the Athonite from Mt. Athos to Minsk by Mr. Boris Mouzenidis, honorary Consul of Belarus and Chairman of the Mouzenidis Group.

The relics of the saint left the Holy Mountain for the first time at the initiative of the Russian Foundation of the Great Kingdom and with the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow and All of Russia Cyril. The occasion is the celebration of the 1,000-year presence of monks on Athos. The relics will be sent to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Minsk until the end of August, after which they will make a pilgrimage through Russian, and then on back to Mt. Athos.

St. Silouan was born in Russia in 1866 and spent 46 years in the St. Panteleimon monastery on Mt. Athos. His was considered one of the best example of Athonite monasticism.

Mr. Mouzenidis remarked on the occasion that it is "with great reverence and solemnity we welcome the sacred reliquary of St. Silouan for its short stop in Thessaloniki," noting the great religious importance of the event for the states of Belarus and the Russian Federation.