Biggest Greek Salad Lands Spot in Guinness’ Record Book

Greek salad, Guinness Record BookRed Square in Moscow saw the largest Greek salad ever created on September 4th. Mouzenidis Travel and its airline Ellinair were the driving spirit behind this effort which required a total of 20 tons of food. Over a thousand volunteers worked to make the salad, taking about 2 hours. Materials included 7 tons of tomatoes, 7 tons of cucumbers, 2 tons of olives 2.5 tons of feta, 1 ton of onions, a half ton of olive oil, 80 kilos of salt, and 50 kilos of oregano. The 20 tons smashes the previous record of 13 tons, 417 kilos, put together on June 19, 2010 in Ierapetra, Crete.

The event was part of a greater ongoing year-long celebration of the more than millennia-long relationship between Greece and Russia which began when two Greek Orthodox brothers, Saints Cyril and Methodius, brought the gospel to the Slavic peoples of eastern Europe and Russia in the 9th century.

The creation of the salad followed a concert by a Greek military band, and a drawing for free trips to Greece courtesy of the Mouzenidis Group. According to Pravin Patel, representative of the Guinness record book, who was on hand to observe the proceedings, there was a strict protocol in place in order for the salad to qualify, including the number and types of ingredients, and that the final salad should be distributed to the spectators and participants.

Following the weighing of the salad for the record book, Mr. Patel declared it officially as the largest Greek salad ever made at 20 tons, 100 pounds, or 18,150 kilos.

The director of the Greek Tourism Board- Russia, Mr. Polykarpos Evsathiou, hailed the effort of the Mouzenidis Group, which did much to promote Greece to Russia and elsewhere. The director of Mouzenidis Travel, Mr. Alexandros Tsantekidis, said, “We wanted to bring to a close this special year of Greece and Russia in a unique way (at the end of the 2016 tourist season)- and we did. It was a complex task to organize, and thanks are owed to all who helped, and especially the employees of Mouzenidis Travel. President of the Mouzenidis Group, Mr. Boris Mouzenidis, was present, kicking off the cutting of the vegetables for the salad.