An "Enigma" Coming to Halkidiki

Enigma Shopping Centre, Halkidiki

The Mouzenidis Group is about to embark on a new investment venture in Halkidiki that looks likely to change your shopping habits. Just east of Nea Moudania, in the southeast quadrant of the cloverleaf intersection of the highway which goes south into Kassandra and Nea Potidea, or east towards Sithonia, a new shopping complex named Enigma will open this spring.

There will be 16 stores offering name brand merchandise, items including furs, a modern supermarket with selected Greek products, a gourmet restaurant featuring Cretan cuisine, and a "Grekoleto" play area for kids featuring games, creative play, sports and other activities, will be available to all for a smart, comfortable shopping experience.

The architecture will feature open spaces, lots of natural light, wood paneling and a high quality exterior. There will be a canopy-enclosed catwalk for fashion shows. The entire complex will be designed with top-quality service and a respect for customers in mind.

For those who are vacationing at Mouzenidis properties in Halkidiki, free transportation to and from the shopping center will be provided.

The Enigma will open to great fanfare and a introductory party this April 9. Check back with us for more news as the opening date approaches.