Rent a Private Home For Your Next Vacation via Mouzenidis Group

Detached House, Rhodes

Next time you vacation, how about staying in a real home? This global trend of short-term rentals of privately-owned homes for budget-minded tourists has caught on big time. One Greek company involved in vacation rentals of private homes, whether in the mountains or by the sea, in the countryside or the middle of the city, is the Mouzenides Group. On the Mouzenidis Travel web site you can find any type of housing almost anywhere in Greece you want.

The search for authentic experiences, to mix with the locals, and to more directly interact with the culture are some of the advantages of short-term home rentals, not to mention the cost savings, which can be considerable.

Ms. Viktoria Bogdanchikova, Director of the Mouzenidis Group's Rental Department says that " The houses we have are equipped with all the necessary means for a comfortable stay while we give our customers and potential market a package that includes a residence lease; flights and transport", stressing that "there are many options for every taste and wallet . Moreover, the customer, taking advantage of the Mouzenidis Group's network, excursions can be booked, cars can be rented, but there is also quick access to the Group's representative in the case of any emergency."

Interest for this summer is especially high, Ms. Bogdanchikova says. She adds that bookings are up 100% over last year.