Mouzenidis Travel to Bring 500,000 Tourists Here in 2017

Alexander Tsantekidis

Director of Russia Travel Mouzenidis Mr. Alexander Tsantekidis presented impressive evidence during a meeting with tour operators which show the increased interest of Russian travel agencies in offering packages to Greece, reflected in the reservation level.

More than 30,000 Russians have already booked their holidays in Greece and at least 1,000 of them have been booked for Athens and Pireaus, reflecting the payoff of a targeted campaign.

Since last year, Mouzenidis Travel offers the possibility of reservations in private homes (apartments, villas and townhouses), a new tourist option which is proving popular with the Russian market.

Another topic discussed at the event was the organization of the "cooperating agency network." According to Mr. Tsantekidis, Mouzenidis Travel is cooperating today with 2,500 Russian travel agencies with 500 offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia and Kazakhstan, with an average increase in the sales network of a whopping 886%.

With their new programs and services, cooperation with travel agencies, and high product quality, Mouzenidis Travel estimates that this summer it will move 500,000 tourists to Greece, with a projected aim in the coming years to surpass one million.