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Carnival in the Municipalities of Thessaloniki: Thermi

Traditional wedding

The municipality of Thermi, 8 km SE of Thessaloniki, will celebrate the last day of carnival this Sunday, Feb 26, and Clean Monday, the following day with the following events:

At Trilofos, at 11 AM Sunday, at Stefania Park, a carnival celebration with traditional Lenten food such as fasolada, along with traditional dance and music, with an orchestra.

The Koulouma (Carnival) will be celebrated at Souroti with traditional fasolada, lagana (unleavened bread) and dance on Clean Monday, along with kite flying and folk music, all held at the most beautiful natural spot in the area, the Thermi dam, starting at 11 AM.

Free food and wine to be offered at Platia Peristeras in Turini at 11:30 AM.

A "hidden carnival" celebration with Latin themes at Platia Chania in Thermi Sunday at 6 PM.

A large Clean Monday parade the following day in Thermi with the traditional float bonfire at its conclusion.