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One Greek, One Cypriot Beach Makes TripAdvisor's World Top 25 For 2017


Elafonissi, Crete

TripAdvisor is the number one travel web site in the world, having had over 350 million unique visitors over the years. TripAdvisor has published its Traveler's Choice Awards for 2017, chosen by millions of those visitors.

In one of its favorite award categories, "Best Beaches in the World," Elafonissi Beach in Crete and Fig Tree Bay in Cyprus placed 9th and 19th, respectively, out of the 25 winners in the category. This is pretty remarkable considering the category is global, with other winners from places as far-flung as South Africa, Costa Rica, Myanmar, and Chile.

Elafonissi was cited by one visitor as "Simply awesome...Crystal clear waters with strange mesmerizing colours. The unique red sand of Elafonissi. And the Greek sun shining above. Pure magic. I recommend going early before the beach gets crowded and get a taste of pure private paradise..." Another visitor quipped, "If God needed 6 working days to make the world, I know where he was on his day off!"

Adjectives used to describe Cyprus's Fig Tree Bay Beach include "stunning," "beautiful," "wonderful," and "amazing." It was cited for its cleanliness, with workers cleaning up several times a day, and its nearby amenities such as hotel rooms and fish taverns.

For the eastern Med to be mentioned twice in a list of only 25 beaches in the world once again proves that this part of the world is one of the tourist industry's favorite destinations.