Greek Company Awarded Prize at the MITT Tourism Fair in Moscow

MITT 2017

March 16th saw the last day of the world-class tourism exhibition, the Moscow Tourism Fair, MITT 2017. Let the record show the ever-increasing numbers of visitors from Russia may mean that the million-tourist mark could be reached in 2017, based on interest in Greece shown at the fair. The Greek Tourism Organization (EOT in Greek) made its presence known with a very large display space of over 800 square meters, with 33 co-exhibitors, with the ITE Travel Group being singled out with the prize for the best-looking stand for the fair.

MITT 2017 MITT 2017 MITT 2017

Now that Greek authorities have streamlined the visa process for Russian visitors, a pent-up demand for visits to Greece by Russians has led to dramatic increases in commitments to travel here, with visa requests doubling over the first 2 months of 2017 compared to the same time period of 2016.

The Greek ambassador and representatives of EOT held a reception at the ambassador’s residence on March 14th in honor of Russian Tour Operators, journalists, and co-exhibitors of the Greek pavilion, among them Mr. Boris Mouzenidis, president of the Mouzenidis Group.

MITT 2017 MITT 2017 MITT 2017

There is real optimism on the part of the Greek exhibitors; as reported in Grekomania, according to Mr. Alexander Tsantekidis, Director of Mouzenidis Travel in Moscow, "the early bookings in the first two months of 2017 the company are 9 times what they were during the same period last year.”

Much of this is due to recent Greek policy of greatly easing the visa process for large groups of Russian visitors and as long as this policy stays in place, the increase in Russian tourist will also be apparent. The Mouzenidis Group, they continue to open up new Greek destinations to meet the needs of Russian travelers, with, for example, direct flights between St. Petersburg and Kavala by Ellinair, the Mouzenidis Group’s airline.