Tourism Conference of High Added Value in Thessaloniki

2nd Tourism Conference in Thessaloniki «High Added Value Tourism»

The five bilateral Chambers, the Greek-American, Greek-British, Greek-French, Greek-German, and Greek-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki are organizing the 2nd Tourism Conference on March 27 in Thessaloniki, at the Ioannis Vellidis Conference Center. The Conference theme is "High Added Value Tourism."

The conference will cover crucial current groups of subjects such as: Quality Tourism: upgrading the entire tourism experience, Beyond the "sun-sea": health and wellness tourism, Technology and Tourism: an unbreakable relationship, and Challenges of the modern tourist market.

The Conference will also examine ways of taking advantage of the new technologies with the aim of promoting the local touristic product as well as strengthening profit-making and competitiveness of businesses.

Among the event's sponsors is Ellinair, the Mouzenidis Group airline.