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Greece Makes the Cover of NatGeo's Traveler Magazine

National Geographic Traveller -Greece, A Modern Classic

National Geographic's Traveler, a tourism-focused off shoot of National Geographic Magazine, began publishing in 1984 as a response to the explosive growth in worldwide tourism. Its total circulation exceeds 750,000 a year.

Greece, and especially Thessaloniki, will be featured on the cover of Traveler's April, 2017 UK edition issue. British-Greek travel writer John Malathronas has penned an article entitled "A Modern Classic" and subtitled "Greece: a creative renaissance."

Mr. Malathronas emphasizes the recent "cultural flowering" of Greece and an antidote to the "gloom created by the economic crisis." The article shows how the creative side of Greece, despite recent economic stagnation, is alive and well. He offers Thessaloniki as an alternate option for vacationers to Greece, as a center of arts and culture, culinary arts, and a place of historical significance.

The article also deals with Athens and other locales in Greece. Mr. Malathronas spent three days in Thessaloniki as a guest of the Hotel Association of Thessaloniki (ΕΞΘ), after first meeting the organization's representatives at the International Tourism Fair in London in 2016.

As part of the provision of the Hotel Association of Thessaloniki, Mr. Malathronas's stays in two local hotels were written up in an article published in the London Telegraph. He rated these hotels, the Electra Palace and Mediterranean Palace, as a "recommendation by a travel expert" with scores of 9/10.