Boris Mouzenidis Wins Greek Hospitality Award

Elena Kountoura, Boris Mouzenidis -Greek Hospitality Awards 2017

The Greek Hospitality Awards are given by the organization ETHOS AWARDS and the periodical Money (ΧΡΗΜΑ) as a way to acknowledge the high level of excellence of those involved in the Greek Hotel industry, which serves as the backbone of tourism in Greece, accounting for some 75% of all tourism receipts in the country.

Criteria for the awards include companies which stand out for their innovative practices, organization, and willingness to offer their guests a high level of tourist product using international standards.

The Greek Hospitality Awards reward excellence in the field of Greek hotels through a merit-based process, which involves the Evaluation Committee, composed of experts in the field and the public, with a 60/40 weighting system.

Besides the various categories for hotels (Best Greek City Hotels, Best Greek Resorts, Best Greek Hotel Facilities), four Special Distinction Awards were given to individuals under the categories Greek Hospitality Leader, Greek Hospitality Influencer, Greek Hospitality Rising Star, and Most Hospitable Airline.

Mr. Boris Mouzenidis, president of the Mouzenidis Group, won the distinction in the first category, Greek Hospitality Leader. The awards were given on March 23 at the Greek National Insurance Conference Center in downtown Athens.