St. Petersburg, Russia Sends Delegation to Municipality of Aristotelis, Halkidiki

Ancient Stageira, Halkidiki

As part of the process of uniting St. Petersburg and the Municipality of Aristotelis as sister regions and the subsequent, ongoing strengthening of ties between them, a delegation arrived in Halkidiki from the Russian city on April 20th. The municipality of Aristotelis, homeland of the philosopher Aristotle, as just north of the Mt. Athos peninsula.

The St. Petersburg delegation was made up of officials from the city of St. Petersburg, principals from various middle and high schools, and St. Petersburg-based entrepreneurs. Their program included a visit to the City Hall of Ierissos, where the mayor and city officials hosted a meeting, a visit to childrens' camps in the area, and guided tours to Ancient Stageira, Aristotle Park and Zygou Monastery in Ouranoupoli.

On Saturday afternoon, the screening of a documentary about the monasteries of Mount Athos is planned in the hall of the Cultural Center of Ierissos.

The Mouzenidis Group is a supporting sponsor the visit of the Russian delegation to Halkidiki.