Dramatic Rise in American Tourists and Revenues Projected for Greece in 2017

Rise in American Tourists and Revenues Projected for Greece in 2017

George Trivizas, president of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Tourism (HACT) says that Greece can expect a rise in American tourists and tourist dollars over last year. His statement, posted on HACT's Facebook account, says that the HACT expects about 900,000 American visitors to Greece this year, a significant increase over the 778,600 US tourists to Greece in 2016. Greece should also expect a dramatic increase in tourism revenue from the US, helping to make up for 2016's disappointing 22.8% drop over 2015. 2016 saw a total of €727.9 million in receipts from American visitors.

Americans spent $121.5 billion in overseas tourism in 2016, a distant second to China's $261.1 billion, and ahead of 3rd-place Germany's $81.1 billion. Rounding out the top 5 in revenues spent in overseas tourism were the UK at $63.6 billion, and France at $40.9 billion.

Not only that, more potentially good tourism news for Greece from the US comes as it has been announced that Athens is under consideration by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) as 2018's host city for ASTA's annual Destination Expo, to be held in early 2018. The goal of ASTA's Destination Expos is to promote the host country during the coming tourist year, which would mean millions in additional revenue for Greece's vibrant tourism industry.

Other locales under consideration for the Destination Expo are Tel Aviv, Israel, Hanoi, Vietnam, and Aquamba, Jordan.