Two years of Activity by The Thessaloniki Tourism Organization

Thessaloniki Tourism Organization

The extensive work to highlight and promote Thessaloniki as a tourist destination was presented to reporters by the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization (ΟΤΘ) at a special event held Monday April 3rd. At the helm of the effort is the Olympic gold medalist in track in the Barcelona Games, Ms. Voula Patoulidou, who did the presentation.

One of the major actions announced the creation of the first official tourist website of Thessaloniki ( The website aims to fulfill the need of an official tourism web presence in the city, along with the creation of accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and Google+, bringing Thessaloniki closer to those who want to learn about the city, to experience its past and present, and provide tools needed for every local place that is interested in developing its tourism potential.

The organization and its support of Press Trips for foreign journalists in cooperation with other official bodies, familiarization trips (Fam Trips), participation in tourism fairs and conferences in Greece and abroad, the co-organization and support cultural - sports events and festivals such as the Street Mode Festival, the Reworks Festival, the Puppet Festival, Antetokoubros Streetball Festival, the Alexander the Great International Marathon, and the Night Half Marathon are elements of the strategic promotional design of Thessaloniki that the Agency is planning on implementing.

The Thessaloniki Tourism Organization is also developing a new marketing tool called the Network of Ambassadors, where celebrities from Greece and abroad as well as ordinary citizens, students and tourists participate in the promotion of the city.

Concluding, Ms. Patoulidou called on all involved to work together to promote the city and on journalists to contribute to the promotion of efforts made so that the common denominator of all involved would be "We are Thessaloniki."