Greece Wins Two 2017 Europa Nostra Cultural Heritage Awards

Ancient Karthala, Kea - Bastion of the Grand Master's Palace, Rhodes

On April 5th Europa Nostra announced the winners of their Europa Nostra Awards for this year. These awards recognized the winners for "their notable achievements in conservation, research, dedicated service, and education, training and awareness-raising. Independent expert juries examined a total of 202 applications, submitted by organizations and individuals from 39 countries across Europe, and chose the winners," according to the Europa Nostra web site.

The site goes on to describe some of the winning initiatives, which include " the renovation of a road stretching across 100km of Norwegian mountains that has made an area of breathtaking natural beauty accessible to visitors; a pioneering research project on the paintings and drawings of the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch that has shed new light on some of the world’s most fascinating works of art created at the turn of the 16th century; the efforts of a conservator and art historian to protect Croatia’s heritage for almost 60 years; and the establishment of a Cypriot centre of visual arts and research in Nicosia that has the spirit of reconciliation and peace at its foundation."

Greece's winners were 1) the ten-year restoration of the Bastion of the Grand Master's Palace in Rhodes, and 2) the conservation, partial restoration and interpretation of the ruins of ancient Karthala on the island of Kea.