Thessbrunch; The new culinary concept of Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki's weekends get a new tasty agenda as the hotels of the city open their doors to introduce the thessbrunch, a fresh culinary idea. The brunch will fill the empty space between breakfast and lunch; thus its name. (The "thess" is both short for Thessaloniki, and the Greek verb "do you want?")

The exceptional breakfast served in the hotels of the city, rich in its variety is limitless in its combinations of flavors, and indulges the indolence we indulge in during the weekends. Thessbrunch is a showcase of all kinds of dish and beverage combinations.

 It's presented as an initiative of the Thessaloniki Hoteliers Association and will be hosted at a different hotel in the city and at selected seasons and holidays (summer thessbrunch, autumn thessbrunch, Christmas thessbrunch etc), with the first being held at The Excelsior Hotel on May 28th.

At the gourmet portal thessbrunch, there will the thesssbrunch program with dates and the hotel that will host it. The site, and the link below, is in Greek but if you run it through Google Translate you get a pretty good idea what it says.

The main sponsor of the thessbrunch project is Ellinair, the airline of the Mouzenidis Group.