Ellinair Returns Relics of St. Helen to Venice - President Boris Mouzenidis Awarded

Ellinair Returns Relics of St. Helen to Venice

Thessaloniki June 20, 2017 - On Friday, June 16th, Ellinair's aircraft returned to Venice the relics of Saint Helen, bringing to a conclusion the airline’s complex mission which began a month ago involving the transport of the relics to Greece for the first time in 1700 years and linking the Mouzenidis Group with objects of great importance to Christianity.

On June 15th, he Apostolic Ministry of the Church of Greece, which began the process of bringing St. Helen and the Holy Cross remnant to Greece, hosted a dinner in the gardens of the Theological School of Agia Varvara in Aigaleo, Attica, to honor all who participated in this enterprise. During the meal, the Director of Apostolic Ministry, Archbishop of Fanari Agatheaggelos, formally recognized and awarded the role of Mouzenidis Group president Mr. Boris Mouzenidis, whose airline, Ellinair, brought the relics to Greece.

The final destination of Ellinair’s Airbus A319 was St. Helena Island, Venice. After the arrival at Marco Polo airport, the relics were placed in an airlocked glass box  and began its journey. At the island’s port representatives of the church received the relics, and, accompanied by the faithful, they were transported to their home at the church of St. Helen with pomp and ceremony. Mouzenidis Group President Boris Mouzenidis and representatives of the Mouzenidis Group took part in the litany, helping carry the glass container with great respect and emotion.

The participation in such an important event, which touched the hearts of thousands, is an exceptional honor, marking a high point in the history of the Mouzenidis Group and for that reason we warmly thank everyone who helped make this a reality.