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“Warning Strikes” Taking Place at the Port of Rafina

port of Rafina

The Panhellenic Sailor Association has announced a series of 24-hour “warning” strikes for the port of Rafina, Attica’s second-busiest port after Piraeus. Union workers are complaining about overtime hours worked without overtime pay. The union has published a schedule of selected ferries which will remain at the port during the first 3 days of August:

- Tera Jet - August 1: starting at 6am and ending on August 2 at 6am.

- Aikaterini P - August 2: starting at 6am and ending the next day at 6am.

-Super Runner - August 3: beginning at 6am and ending the next day at 6am.

The union further says that if their demands are not met, beginning August 4th all ferry service between Rafina and the Cyclades will be subject to 24-hour strikes.