The Archelon society for the protection of the engendered loggerhead turtle on Wednesday said that the hatching season has started and advised beachgoers to exercise caution when visiting nesting sites
The Panhellenic Sailor Association has announced a series of 24-hour “warning” strikes for the port of Rafina, Attica’s second-busiest port after Piraeus
Twenty of the biggest archeological sites and museums in Greece have been chosen by the Ministry of Sports and Culture to offer Wi-Fi service free of charge
Yorgos Lanthimos won the award for Best Screenplay on the final day of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, for his script for “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”
There will be no ferry service throughout Greece on May 1, as members of the Pan-Hellenic Seaman's Federation will be on a 24-hour strike
The final leg of the Olympia Odos, the 4-lane from Athens to Patras, was opened on April 11, cutting the travel time between the two cities 210 km apart to one hour, forty minutes
Fraport, a German airport operator, began the first day of a projected 40-year contract to manage 14 regional Greek airports on April 11
Ellinair was honored with a "water salute" on the occasion of Ellinair's maiden flight from Cologne to Thessaloniki
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras opened the Tembi Tunnel on Thursday, April 6, just in time for the heavy traffic expected during the week before Easter
GTP reports that the European Commission has greenlit €1.3 billion for infrastructure projects in Greece out of their Cohesion Policy funds
The spring magazine published by Mouzenidis Travel has just been released to help you choose the Easter trip that suits you best
Ellinair, the Mouzenidis Group Airline, has announced new routes and the beefing up of existing routes
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