The 1,500-acre seaside site of Ellinikon, Athens’ former international airport, has lain deserted and unused 15 years after the last flight left
The Mouzenidis Group’s Mouzenidis Travel has organized an unusual event designed to promote Greece abroad
In TripAdvisor’s recent Traveler’s Choice Awards world rankings of water parks, rated by satisfied customers, one Greek and one Cypriot park made the top 25
Life and Investment Overseas is a website dedicated for those interested in retiring someplace else other than their home country. It has recently published its top 10 list of overseas places to retire
In its Culinary Journeys section, US cable giant CNN recently surveyed the world’s best wine trails and placed Santorini on its list
Eleftherios Venizelos (Athens International) Airport has become the first airport in Greece to offer virtual tours of the airport on Google Street View and Indoor Maps
Konstantinos Argyros’s new album was presented in the packed-out nightclub Fantasia in Athens a few days ago with the support of Ellinair of the Mouzenidis Group
The 3-day Pentecost Weekend (18-20 June) in combination with high temperatures is a good chance for an early summer getaway for Greeks
Ellinair, a Mouzenides Group company, is launching a new partnership with the National Theater Company of Northern Greece (NTNG).
More than 50 dinghies sailed the Gulf of Thermi on Sunday, May 15 in a charity sailing race as part of the "Sail For Pink" event
A floor-sized version of the favorite kids' game is available now at Athens International Airport.
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